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Kindhearted, fun new “Acts of Giving” and $10,000 social media contest at CCCF


To create “Wow” moments and give back to the community as part of its 30th anniversary celebration, Central Carolina Community Foundation is doing two really cool things!

1. 30 More Years of Giving: a series of not-so-random “Acts of Giving”

To celebrate its 30th anniversary as the Midlands’ expert on philanthropy, Central Carolina Community Foundation has launched 30 More Years of Giving, an initiative devoted to giving back via multiple “Acts of Giving” in partnership with an array of local nonprofits throughout Fall 2014.

 2. The $10,000 #WhyIGiveSC Social Media Contest

As its biggest, most visible Act of Giving, in late October the Foundation will announce details of a $10,000 social media contest that asks the question, “Why do you give?” Track the latest Acts of Giving and stay tuned for contest alerts via the #WhyIGiveSC hashtag on Twitter and, after November 3rd, via www.yourfoundation.org/whyigivesc.


Some Acts of Giving have already occurred, which is great. Links to photos below. In the attached release, you’ll see those and the remaining Acts of Giving explained.

If you want to read the blurbs and see if one of the Acts of Giving might strike your fancy, I can help with dates and logistics!

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