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John Ford Coley to Perform at Palmetto Senior Show Jan 19th

John Ford Coley would really love to see you…

and he can if you attend the Palmetto Senior Show coming up Thursday, Jan. 19 at the S.C.State Fair’s Goodman Building. Admission to the 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. event is free; parking is $5.

Although Coley is still remembered as half of the England Dan duo of the ‘70s, the singer, guitarist, and classically trained pianist has continued writing and performing throughout the intervening decades since the duo disbanded in 1980.

In 1999 the versatile musician moved family and horses to Nashville, TN, where he spends about half his time as part of the music scene. His latest CD, which he will have with him at the upcoming show, was produced in Music City with involvement from fellow musicians such as Vince Gill, Tony Coleman, a drummer who played for years with B.B. King, Collin Raye and T. Graham Brown.

“The music on this double CD is entitled ‘Eclectic;’ it goes all over the place, really runs the gamut” said Coley from his other home near Charleston, SC. “On one side the sound is very ‘produced;’ the other side sounds like it could have been made in my living room.”

In his musical past, liking and playing music in so many forms made it hard for record labels to categorize what he and England Dan were doing, but this musician grew up on many forms, so he has always liked, performed and composed all kinds of music.

“The label people would ask us, ‘What are you? What do you call this: rock? pop? folk? country?’ We’d say: ‘Yes, all of that.’” Coley said at times record labels called them too Americana simply because decision makers didn’t know where to fit them in.

Now the audiences to whom Coley plays appreciate the diversity of the music, including his new compositions. “They still want to hear the ones for which we were Grammy nominated and I expect that, I still love to perform those. But I’ve enjoyed good responses from the new music as well.”

John Ford Coley will play and talk with his audience around 11 a.m. the morning of Palmetto Senior Show.

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