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Jazz ambassador of Columbia: Rapp receives honor from House of Representatives

On Thursday, Feb 8, during the morning legislative session, Rep. Kirman Finlay, Beth Bernstein, and the House of Representatives presented trumpeter Mark Rapp with a resolution naming him Jazz Ambassador of Columbia.

This award was also given to the late Skipp Pearson who is known as a Jazz legend. Rapp, the 2016 Jasper Artist of the year and Freeway Music Teacher of the year, said this, “I am humbled and excited by this recognition. It not only reaffirms the foundations which Skipp Pearson built, but acknowledges my genuine dedication to the work of growing and serving our jazz community.”

The House of Representatives celebrated Rapp’s dedication to teaching and his many other accomplishments. Rapp created the ColaJazz initiative to promote Columbia’s jazz scene and designed and launched colajazz.com.

After the floods in 2015, the jazz artist wrote a composition honoring the flood victims of SC. The song was featured on National Public Radio and brought attention to ongoing recovery efforts.

Rapp said, “My mission is to grow, elevate and expand the jazz community in and around Columbia, SC through recordings, events, and education, creating a thriving scene for both the artists and our audiences.”

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