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Important Resources for Preparing for Hurricane Matthew

As we brace for the impact of Hurricane Matthew, the South Carolina Chamber wants to pass along some important resources to make sure you, your family, and your business stay safe.  

If you need a place to stay, you can call the SC Hotline at 1-866-246-0133 to direct you to the nearest shelter.  Governor Nikki Haley announced 66 emergency shelters are open with close to 3,000 residents already taking refuge there. To see a complete list of shelters in our state, visit SCEMD.ORG.  There, you can also see important information on which counties are under evacuation orders and which route you need to take. 

Also traffic updates and closures will be very important both before and after the storm.  To see the latest on our roads visit SCDOT.COM.  In today’s press conference, Governor Nikki Haley announced Friday morning that I-26 East will reopen today.  Haley said, “There is nothing safe about what is getting ready to happen.”  She will be holding another press conference this afternoon.

As we look ahead to the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, there will no doubt be rebuilding.  Sadly, this is often a time scammers target those needing construction work done quickly.  The South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs department advises to never pay for any work upfront.  They also have an online tool to see how many complaints have been filed against a business as well as the nature and closing status of the complaints.  To look up a contractor or business in your area, click here.

The SCEMD is also working to help local businesses return to normal operations as quickly as possible. Governor Haley has approved into law a new measure that provides a system for post-disaster reentry certification for businesses and organizations that assist in the restoration of utilities and other services. The SCEMD and the S.C. Department of Commerce will coordinate the post-disaster reentry certification program. Please click here for more information on Business Reentry Certification.

The National Weather Service calls Hurricane Matthew an extremely dangerous storm and says the latest track is expected to produce widespread rainfall totals of 8 to 14 inches and wind gusts up to 115 miles per hour on our coast.  The main concern on our coast NWS is predicting a 8-12 foot storm surge during high tide.  We are praying for our friends on the coast and wish everyone a safe passage through this storm.

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