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Idea Hub What’s Next Midlands to Select Next Project March 21

WHAT:What’s Next Midlands (WNM) Social Investors across the region will come together on March 21 with a common goal: to select the next great idea for the Midlands. The idea finalists include a pop-up drive-in movie series, bicycle co-op and bike drive, Gervais Street trolley, and pet-friendly business campaign. Attendees will be presented with the four ideas, then WNM Social Investors will vote for their favorite. The winning idea will be announced before the event concludes.

WHEN: Tuesday, March 21, 5:30-7:00pm.

WHERE: The new SOCO Bull Street, 1721 Saunders Street

WHY: WNM aims to improve livability in the Midlands by bringing to life the ideas of community members. Once WNM Social Investors vote and select the winning idea from the four finalists on March 21, the winning idea will be funded and implemented in 2017.

WHO: Everyone is welcome to join this event, and WNM Social Investors will have the opportunity to vote on their favorite idea.


About What’s Next Midlands

What’s Next Midlands is an idea hub that inspires community action. It rallies the ideas, partners, funds and volunteers needed to bring community projects to life. Visit http://whatsnextmidlands.com to share ideas with the entire community, discover others that share the same vision, and invest in the best ideas.


What’s Next Midlands Pitches the Idea Hub Concept at One Million Cups Columbia. Watch:

Featured photo: Central Midlands RTA © Wilson Jumper

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