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“How to Make a City” Podcast Coming to the Midlands in Late February

Midlands Anchor and the Anchor Institute announce “How to Make a City,” a new podcast coming in February 2018.

Upbeat, fun, and a little geeky, the “How to Make a City” podcast is produced by the Anchor Institute’s Tia Williams and Janet Scouten, both with backgrounds in urban planning, publishing, and city promotion.

“We all know what it feels like to be in a city that’s doing it right,” says Scouten. “From coffee shops to book stores, walkability to easy parking, thriving tech hubs to bustling shopping districts, great cities pull it all together in a way that makes you want to stay a while.”

Exploring the question of what makes a successful and thriving community, the podcast will feature not just city leaders, small business owners, and economists, but also artists, musicians, and creatives. In addition to connecting with local luminaries and innovators, “How to Make a City” will reach beyond Columbia to other mid-sized cities across the country to learn about common goals, challenges, and opportunities for growth.

“To remain competitive on a global scale, cities must be distinct and appealing or people will move or visit elsewhere,” explains Williams. “Cities have to adapt and change, and we’ll be tracking and researching trends that are impacting mid-sized communities like ours.”

Launching in late February, each podcast will bring different voices and perspectives to the table to explore various facets of what goes into making a great city.

“How to Make a City” is produced and presented by the Anchor Institute. A collective of community experts, research associates, and economic development professionals, the Anchor Institutes explores the challenges and opportunities of America’s mid-sized cities. Coming in early 2018, the Institute is both an extension and progression of Midlands Anchor’s mission to connect engaged citizens through regionally relevant stories. The Institute represents a wide range of the Midlands’ best knowledge resources through its Community Advisory Board comprised of 20 local leaders and influencers spanning the business, cultural, historic, non-profit, and educational sectors.

Listen to the intro podcast episode below:


Special note: In the episode Mayor Steve Benjamin is mentioned as the President of the Conference of Mayors. To be specific, he has been tapped as the next in line for the position and currently serves as the national advocacy group’s Vice President

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