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Hip-hop artist Andy Mineo opened up before Music Farm performance

Before headlining a Oct. 25 show at Music Farm Columbia with Wordsplayed and Social Club Misfits, hip-hop artist Andy Mineo took time to sit down and chat with Midlands Anchor.

Mineo invited our assistant publisher, Allison Willingham, onto his tour bus to chat about his love of music and performing before he took the stage in front of a packed audience.

The conversation quickly turned deep, though, when we asked Mineo about a rumor online that he had helped start a church.

“I did, yeah.  I moved to New York City about 10 years ago, and while I was there, I actually…when I left college, I was homeless for awhile,” Mineo admitted.  A pastor gave him a place to stay, and in turn, Mineo helped him establish a church.

Mineo said he eventually got his own apartment and allowed the church to hold meetings in his home.  Eventually, his involvement impressed the owner of a local boxing gym, who allowed the church to host worship services on Sundays.

“It’s still a thriving church in New York City…it’s a a really organic movement in New York of young people who are exploring their faith,” said Mineo, who eventually tried his own skills out as a preacher.


Mineo brought energy and inspiration to his performance using trap, EDM, and hip-hop beats and swift raps. For a look back at what you missed, check out this video clip from Mineo’s performance at Music Farm.

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