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Spes Technologies Donates IT Revenue for Texas Storm Relief

The events of the past few days in Texas have brought back many memories of the devastation we faced here in Columbia less than two years ago. The need is great and the resources available much fewer.  For this reason Spes Technologies committing to operating off of our savings for the month of September and donating 100% of our revenues to relief efforts going on in Texas.  We are not a large corporation with deep pockets so this is a huge deal for us.  Regardless, we feel compelled to do this so that we can help our brothers and sisters in their time of need.  

So, how can we help your business this month above and beyond what we normally do?  If everything is going great for you, perhaps you could refer us to someone who might need help with their computers and technology?

Give us a call at 803.955.7737, submit a contact request from our website at www.spestechnologies.com/contact-us or send us a tweet(@spestech) to see how we can help.

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