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Heidi Darr-Hope uses art to promote healing for cancer patients

Heidi From Darkness into Light

Heidi Darr-Hope leads patients battling cancer in creative endeavors that promote healing and shifts in their responses to disease. In recent years she has been offering the community spiritual channels through her art which she calls Healing Icons. Last year, she invited and hosted a Tibetan monk here at Vista Studios, 808 Lady Street, where those in attendance were introduced to meditation, healing and how to create sand mandalas.

She brings others along on her quest to make art, grow, thrive and build community by embracing mindful art practices that usher us all into living fully engaged lives. She preaches what she practices. For many years she has been creating mandalas for her private use – to play, unplug, de-stress, unwind and become lost in the creative process. “I wander around in my brain. I release things. I discover things. And I always feel better after I paint one.”

Which is useful because, “The times we are living in are ominously troubling. For now, I have found some creative inspiration in painting fierce light and color into the darkness.” Darr-Hope said these paintings are a testament to the courage and fortitude needed to face what is in front of us.

Heidi Darr-Hope is artist number 9 of our #10artists10days campaign series. Catch up on the complete series here.

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