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Governor Proclaims Advocacy Day for Access & Independence

Governor McMaster signed a proclamation declaring April 26, 2017 Advocacy Day for Access & Independence. By signing the proclamation, Governor McMaster “encourages all South Carolinians to work together to destroy the barriers that hinder individuals with disabilities from becoming fully independent participants in our communities.”  The full proclamation is attached. 

Advocacy Day for Access & Independence was first created as an initiative in the State Plan for Independent Living in 2014, and its inaugural gathering attracted over 300 South Carolina residents. Since then, support has grown to 25 organizations statewide, all unified in an effort to ensure people with disabilities have equal access and opportunity. People with disabilities face unnecessary and discriminatory barriers to transportation, employment, public access, and housing. Advocacy Day for Access and Independence will shine a light on these barriers in hopes of improving the lives of all South Carolinians with disabilities. For more information about Advocacy Day for Access and Independence 2017, visit the following website:





Able SC is a Center for Independent Living (CIL), an organization not about “helping” people with disabilities, but built on the central concept of self-empowerment. It is a consumer-controlled community-based, cross-disability nonprofit that provides an array of independent living services in 23 counties in South Carolina. To learn more about Able SC’s programs and services please visit www.able-sc.org. Able is only one organization of 25 organizations demanding equality for people with disabilities.

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