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Get to Know the Creatives Behind First Thursday on Main

Last week I had the awesome opportunity to interview the creative geniuses behind First Thursday on Main. We began at the Whig and followed the music and arts activities all the way to Tapp’s Art Center for a closing interview with our good friends at Scenario Collective.

Check out the links and give our local heroes a follow! Soda City, y’all.



Interview with Larry Hembree, Board Director of The Jasper Project and former Executive Director of the Nick and Managing Director of Trustus Theatre. He may or may not be responsible for every good thing that’s happened in the Columbia arts scene. 4:15.


Interview with Nickelodeon Theatre Marketing Manager, Kristin Morris about release of Nick Mag #6. 2:57.


Interview with EngenuitySC‘s Will Schenk about What’s Next Midlands. 5:32.


Interview with Izms of Art collective members Michael Dantzler and Dalvin “Mustafa” Spann. 3:32.


Interview with Samanta Shapin and Brittany Kilpatrick, co-founders of Bonded, an online publication dedicated to exploring issues of the modern woman. 3:03.


Interview with artists Demetrius Similien and Lee Garrett of The Scenario Collective, who the Anchor likes to follow around. 6:27.

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