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Gamer Garage Sale is back August 27th

Come bring us all of your unwanted geeky goodies and receive store credit equal to the amount of what is sold!


Board Games, RPG’s (Role playing Games, not rocket propelled grenades, those are dangerous.), Books, Video Games, Card Games, Miniatures, miniature terrain, collectables, figurines, Rare and out of print items, comics, etc.! Anything* and everything* related to gaming and/or general nerdom!


All you have to do is collect your unwanted and/or unused gaming items and bring them in by Thursday, August 25th at 10PM! We will fill out a sheet listing all the items and the price you want to sell each item for. Then sit back and we will handle the rest! When the Gamer Garage Sale is over we will calculate what items of yours have sold and put 100% of that as credit on an account with your name in our system! You then have 30 days to pick up your remaining items.


Come in to Firefly Toys and Games on August 27th starting at 11am and get some great deals! What we have depends on what people bring in. We had tons of awesome items at the last gamer garage sale and we plan to have at least that much or more this time!

If you have any questions please feel free to call, email or message us on Facebook.

If you have a good many items you can request a form in advance to fill out and list your items, we request that you do this in order to speed up the process when checking items in.
*Anything and everything as long as it is deemed store appropriate by our staff. If you have any questions regarding this matter please see us in store, give us a call or message us on our Facebook page.

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