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Future Lawyers From the Swamp

When most people think of River Bluff High School, they think of a state-of-the-art, enormous, privileged school. While some of that is true, there is much more that many neglect to discuss. One of these characteristics is the Center of Law and Global Policy Development. Each high school in Lexington One has a center of study in which students from throughout the district come to focus on a specific subject, such as public health, agriculture and more. River Bluff is home to two cutting-edge centers: law and global policy and media design.

The law and global policy center, even in its first year, has received esteemed community support and has successfully produced expeditionary learning projects. This center is comprised of eleven talented, creative, intelligent students and is led by a fantastic, brilliant, risk-taking teacher. These two components make the law center unique and remarkable. Center students have experienced groundbreaking opportunities, such as participating as a jury in a mock trial at the National Advocacy Center and sitting in on an appellate case at the South Carolina Supreme Court.

Not many students have the opportunity of spending an entire class period discussing, dissecting and researching a topic derived from a local or national event article. For example, the current controversies class was able to read an article found on Lexington Anchor about the construction of River Bluff; conversation of globalization in manufacturing led to an all-out research on China and local companies working together on local projects. Additionally, not many students have stories of speaking with various politicians, even the governor of their state, in class about different issues like gun control and school vouchers. Meg Huggins, the lead center teacher, describes the center as:

“An opportunity for students to make their learning authentic. The center allows the students to become engaged in the topics they are learning by applying them to experiences outside of the classroom. We work with the community to ensure that the students of the center understand that what we do in class can help to make them effective leaders and citizens in the 21st century.”

A class on any given day would be filled with discussions and debates on current events such as the Affordable Care Act, issues with Russia and Ukraine, and less recent events such as the genocide in Rwanda. Students also explore different cases in history and analyze the Constitution and various rulings; delving into how history has been shaped by the judicial system.

As a proud student and a part of the law center, it has been an incredible journey to learn more about governments all over the world and controversies that changed the world forever. Each day is a new adventure, and a new discovery, of law and global policy!

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