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Golf Comedian Tees up the Funny in Columbia

If you can’t tell from his ever-expanding arsenal of clubs named after explosive ordinance or the precision attacks he unleashes on flagsticks while stoically soldiering down fairways, YouTuber Mike Dojc takes his golf comedy dead serious.

“Live golf is one of the most relaxing sports to watch on television. The camera fawns over beautiful bucolic expanses and sparkling ponds while the announcers speak in lulling dulcet tones like they’re at a spa,” explains Dojc. “But for weekend hackers, playing the cruel game induces maddening misery, so there’s a lot of material in that dichotomy.”

There’s a mockumentary air to Dojc’s Slinging Birdies series where he dishes on gear, reviews courses, and chats up players. Take, for example, the magical staffs he stows by his wedges in his golf bag to “ward off bogey-monsters,” at Myrtle Beach’s The Wizard where he also grilled the course’s owner about the ball gobbling gorse. Then there’s the time he coyly slipped into the PGA TOUR Players’ locker room at TPC Sawgrass in Florida.  Prop comedy and misdemeanor trespassing are only a couple of ways Dojc’s comedy stands out from the crowded field of game improvement tipsters and trick shot artists that populate online golf media.

“I try to straddle the intersection of pop culture and golf fandom”, says Dojc who’s just as likely to pontificate about Stephen Curry putting on the hardcourt than opine on Jordan Spieth’s impeccable greenside manner.

And don’t let his goofball antics fool you, Dojc spends roughly ten hours each week writing, shooting, editing, and promoting his videos. Now, more than two years since launching Slinging Birdies, all that leg work is paying off dividends. The YouTube channel recently surpassed 275,000 views, and his Facebook page has swelled to an active and engaged audience of over 10,000 fans.

“My end game is to become the number one golf comedian in the Southeast, which I think is doable, at last count there were just six of us.”

Catch Mike Dojc performing his Slinging Birdies material live February 25 from 9-11 a.m. in the gymnasium at St. Johns Episcopal in a Fundraiser for Columbia’s age-in-place charity The Friendship. Tickets are $10 and include breakfast. Details available at TheFriendship.org


Dossier: Mike Dojc

Roots: Grew up in Toronto

Claim to fame: A social media butterfly, Dojc has over 10,500 fans on his Slinging Birdies Facebook page—that’s on par with some PGA TOUR Players.

Behind the Surname: Dojč is a village in Western Slovakia, an hour’s drive north of Bratislava.

Off the Course: While golf is his primary game, the tactics and psychological gamesmanship of doubles tennis is a close second for Dojc who is an avid USTA league player.

Get More: Visit SlingingBirdies.com


By Josh McDuffie

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