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Featured Artist Profile: Titanic Alley’s Rusty Sox

Rusty Sox, owner and proprietor of Titanic Alley, was one of the top four artists selected by a juried panel put together by South Carolina Arts Commission after they released a call for artists.  Sox participated in the pop-up art show presented recently by Woodforest National Bank and the North Columbia Business AssociationFor more information about this event, check out the full story here.

“We make everything out of repurposed, recycled materials,” said Sox.  “Everything started out life as something else.  We’ve repurposed skirts, shirts, and other neckties into the items you see here.  Every item is one of a kind and is handmade by me myself.  So the great thing about wearing a Titanic Alley tie is you’ll never see another one on the street just like the one you’re wearing.”

Sox recorded a video with Midlands Anchor in which he described some of his creations including wallets, ties, pocket squares, and wool scarves.


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