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Fans pack Music Farm for Brett Dennen concert

On May 11, folk and pop artist Brett Dennen performed at Music Farm Columbia. The show was open to anyone 18 and up with a small cover charge for those under 21. The entire inside of the venue is painted black. This design draws all of the attention to the performer on stage. Music Farm also has great acoustics to amplify the performance. However, they also cause some conversations to echo, making it difficult to hear Brett speak between tracks over some of the louder audience members.

Firekid, an alternative band from Alabama, opened for Dennen and played songs from their self-titled debut album. In a unique twist, they used sound effects from a Nintendo in their song “The World is Mine.”  Even though many of the attendees weren’t familiar with this artist, their music was upbeat and inspired high energy in the crowd.
The audience started small, but as Brett came on stage more people flowed in and the crowd became substantial, especially considering many music farm regulars have left Columbia for the summer. It was an interesting mix of people who had been waiting to see Brett perform live for years and those who had never heard him but wanted to try something new. Brett played a few songs from his upcoming album Por Favor, which is scheduled for release on May 20th. He also performed old favorites such as “Sydney,” “Ain’t No Reason,” and “Wild Child” that were highly requested by fans throughout the concert.
Brett will continue his tour in the Southeast including two performances at Gulf Shores, Alabama’s Hangout Music Festival. From there he will travel the rest of the United States from California to Vermont. Finally, he will complete his tour on Oct. 9 after six performances at the Austin City Limits Music Festival.

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