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Ezekiel Ministries is proud to announce that Brett Varner has been hired to be the farm manager of the newly launched Eze Farms. The ministry is excited about the opportunity that Eze Farms will create for inner-city youth to learn the valuable principle of “you reap what you sow,” through sustainable vegetable farming apprenticeships.

After years of searching for a property outside of town, Tripp Register, a mentor, and Josh Whitlock, the Executive Director, had a piece of land in the middle of the area Ezekiel Ministries serves fall right into their laps. Once a lease was acquired on this property, Raeford Farms donated a tractor with implements. Then a grant was awarded to help cover the cost of the first year of the farm manager’s salary. Numerous local churches, schools, companies and individuals have pledged their support for Eze Farms.

Last week, interviews began for youth to apply to be on the “youth crew” as an apprentice and they will continue until 8-10 boys are awarded with the apprenticeships. The boys will learn everything about running a market garden, from preparing the ground to selling the vegetables. The hope is that Middle and High School boys will have an alternative environment to spend their time than some of the tough neighborhoods where they live. They will learn to work hard and be disciplined, all while learning Biblical lessons.

Ezekiel Ministries hopes a few urban farmers will be made out the program who may even start their own farms once they get older that can produce enough income to support a family. However, anyone who completes the apprenticeship will have an opportunity to learn entrepreneurial skills that will be valuable in any walk of life/

There will be many ways to get involved and support the farm. Ezekiel Ministries hopes that in a few months you’ll consider buying some of your produce from Eze Farms, and if you want to get more involved, they will need volunteers, financial supporters, and mentors for the youth crew. For more information, please get in touch with Brett Varner at manager@ezefarms.org.

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