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Emerging Columbia: The Development of Our Region’s Rivers

What is the extent of the damage caused by the flood? Does reconstruction open opportunities for further development of the riverfront areas? How do we protect and preserve the naturalness while developing and allowing access to the river? These are all questions citizens of the Midlands are asking and we’re delivering the answers next Tuesday, April 19th from 6-8pm at EdVenture.


Our panelists include:


The Emerging Columbia series, brought to you by COR and EngenuitySC, is designed to facilitate an open discussion surrounding the changes happening in our community: educating and connecting those who wish to have an impact on the future of the Midlands. The first discussion of the series was a huge success and people from all over the region joined us for a discussion about the developments of Bull Street. Now, Emerging Columbia is back and bringing the conversation about riverfront access and developments to the community.

Shout out to our Presenting Sponsor for making this possible!

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