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‘Dreams and Omens’ opening scheduled for July 6

An exhibition opening will be held July 6 during First Thursday on Main for Dreams and Omens.

The exhibition features figurative painting by local artist Chango Harry. According to Harry, these oil paintings aim to “explore human spirituality through examples of the ethereal experiences people often have but for which they have no means of explanation.”

The figures Harry paints are diverse representing many different cultures and walks of life through the lens of “dreams and other phenomenon, like out of body experiences,”  these paintings  become vignettes of subjective reality “worlds that exist beyond each other while occupying the same visual space.”

Harry, originally from Brooklyn, NY, recently completed his BA in fine arts and now lives in South Carolina. This will be the first solo exhibition of his work since completing his education.

“The works are powerful, surreal, and dark, but most of all they are beautiful,” says Cellar Curator, Drew Baron, “I’m so excited to show these works to our audience.”

Dreams and Omens will be on view through out the month of July at the Cellar at Grapes (1113 Taylor Street; located in the basement of Grapes and Gallery wine bar and paint studio).

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