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Don’t Forget: Pet Owner Preparation for Hurricane Season

The City of Columbia is closely monitoring Hurricane Irma to see how it will impact the city. In preparation for the impact the city’s Animal Services Department has provided tips and information to prepare pet owners for the storm.

“It’s still always best to prepare or have a plan for worst case scenarios,” said Marli Drum, Animal Services Superintendent.

In addition to your own safety, pets should be brought in doors if at all possible or housed in an area where they will have adequate shelter, not only from wind and rain but also from flying debris or falling limbs and trees. If there is a loss of power you and your pet should have at least 3-5 days’ worth of food and water in reserve.  Make sure your pet is current on all vaccinations in case you have to travel with them. Carry documentation of vaccinations and any other medical records for your pet.  If your pet is on any kind of medication, please make sure that is available as well.

Also, It is important to have the appropriate gear available to travel with your pet or deal with temporary housing.  Make sure you have collars, leashes, a carrier or travel cage, etc.

If you know you will be traveling in advance, make sure your hotel is pet friendly, during the disaster, most hotels now are pet friendly to help those in need of a safe place to stay.

For additional information, contact Animal Services at 803-776-7383.

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