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Do You Know Your Home’s Biggest Risks?

Family.  Happiness.  Relaxation.  Sanctuary.  Man Room.  All words that might come to mind when thinking about your home.

The other thing that may also come to mind is the fact that your home is one of your biggest assets.  Anything that can happen to it can put your family under hardship.

By far the largest type insurance claim paid out is a fire claim for a homeowner; however, you are more likely to have a wind, hail, or theft claim. Fire claims are by far the most damaging financially and emotionally, and of all the ones we have handled, not one of the owners “saw it coming!”

Other types of losses that have high a frequency of homeowners claims are Theft, Lightening, Bodily Injury/Property Damage, and finally Medical Payments to others.  This is true on a National basis and even down to a local Lexington, SC basis.

An insurance policy cannot prevent a claim, but it can help ease the pain if the worst should happen.  Make sure you review your homeowners policy on a regular basis to ensure you are comfortably insured.

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