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Devine Art: Unveiling Set for Columbia’s Newest Mural

Columbia’s Devine St. offers many local businesses to draw shoppers and other visitors to the area, and its newest attraction will provide yet another reason to check out the row of shops and restaurants nestles between some of Columbia’s oldest neighborhoods.

Thursday, London and Lace Bridal on Devine St. will host the official unveiling of a new outdoor mural by local artist Shelby LeBlanc, an image of a rather mysterious woman in black and white surrounded by colorful flowers.

LeBlanc designed the mural with input from London and Lace owner Lisa Kyzer.

“Lisa had some ideas. She wanted it to be the female form, and she had picked out flowers, each having its own meaning,” LeBlanc said. “Having her face in black and white leaves more to the imagination. People are able to look at it and have a different perception. They put their own thought into it.”

LeBlanc at work on the mural (photo by Allen Wallace)

Murals have become a specialty for LeBlanc, with London and Lace her third in 2018, following Peebles Wing Shack and Dano’s Pizza.

“I already did large scale paintings and I thought a mural would just be like two of those. And it’s not, not at all,” she said with a laugh. “The weirdest part is working on something when you can’t see it until you take a step back.”

She has mastered the new form quickly, though, and with her newest work ventured away from more strictly brand-related work.

“This one is really special to me,” she said. “It’s not signage, but it still exudes what she has in her business. The store is very clean and elegant and really pretty, almost in a rustic way.”

LeBlanc completed the mural over the course of about two weeks, with an assist from a very young local artist, 13-year-old Jordan Cavanagh, who helped with the coloring.

All are welcome to check out both the mural and the newly revamped interior of the store at Thursday’s Spring Fling, starting at 7 at 2921 Devine St. LeBlanc and Kyzer and the London and Lace staff will be on hand to welcome guests with treats from M&M Sweets as a live band performs.

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