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Deputy Saves Life of Child at Graduation

A one-year-old boy will live to see more birthdays because of the fast action of a Richland County Sheriff’s Department School Resource Officer.

Deputy Darlene Crawford was attending a fifth grade graduation ceremony Wednesday at South Kilbourne Elementary School when she heard the child’s mother, Vera Anderson, call out for help. The child was choking on a piece of candy.

Crawford, a mother of seven and grandmother of 13 as well as a 19-year law enforcement veteran, said her motherly instincts kicked in immediately and she rushed to the child’s side. Using training received as a deputy which has become second nature in her years on the job, she took immediate action and dislodged the candy from the child’s throat.

Sheriff Leon Lott said the boy would not have survived without immediate help, and commended Crawford for her action and as an example of the way a deputy should react when unforeseen circumstances put lives at stake and seconds count.

Crawford has been with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department for approximately 2 years, after serving 17 years with the City of Miami Police Department.



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