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Serve & Connect is proud to announce plans for the Daddy and Me 5K run. The run, which is scheduled for June 16, 2018 in the Town of Springdale, is a facilitated by Serve & Connect in partnership with Springdale Police Department and the Midlands Fatherhood Coalition.

The run will celebrate the important role of fathers in families. It will kick-off with opening ceremonies led by Fraendy Clervaud of WACH Fox. Father-child duos are encouraged. Following the run, there will be a Daddy Olympics that includes fun – and funny! – games for dads (think: racing around with a stroller and changing diapers). Awards will be presented, including a Gold Medal for the Daddy Olympics. DJ Rick Smooth, a graduate of the Midlands Fatherhood Coalition, will be DJ’ing throughout the event.

Proceeds of the event benefit the Midlands Fatherhood Coalition, a nonprofit organization focused on engaging fathers in the positive support of their children. The organization provides free services that include education, job readiness, men’s health education, legal education, parenting, spiritual development, referrals, job assistance, drug/alcohol education, and peer support. Last year, the Midlands Fatherhood Coalition served 1311 fathers across the Midlands and saved taxpayers $2.84 million in incarceration costs through their Jobs Not Jail Program.

“There are so many societal pitfalls, from teen pregnancy, to violence, juvenile detention, and many more,” Midlands Fatherhood Coalition Executive Director Angela McDuffie shared. “A common thread across issues is the absence of a father. We are in the business of putting ourselves out of business. We take a holistic approach. We don’t put a band aid on it. Having an engaged father absolutely changes the outcomes. We have the ability to change generations.”

The run is lead by the Town of Springdale Police Department. Chief Kevin Cornett initiated the run because he believes his department can serve as an asset to supporting fathers. He knows first hand the impact fathers can make. Now the father of four boys himself, he grew up in a broken home. “I spent most of my teenage years without a father figure to guide me,” shared Chief Cornett. “I taught myself to shave and properly tie a tie. I learned to be a gentleman from television and from the random people that touched my life in some way.”

The message is simple: Dad’s Matter. Whether a community member or a police officer, we all play an important role in supporting fathers. You can be a part of this mission by registering for the Daddy and Me 5K.

Registration is available on strictlyrunning.com under “Serve & Connect’s Daddy and Me 5K.” The run begins at 8am on Saturday June 16th and will begin at 2915 Platt Spring Rd, Springdale, SC 29170. Registration is $25 with a t-shirt and $20 without a t-shirt. There is also the option to sign up for $10 for those who do not wish to obtain a bib and be timed. Contact info@serveandconnect.net for more information. Sponsorship options are also available through May 31, 2018.

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