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Councilwoman Tara Almond Offers Updates on Top Cayce Issues to Educate Voters

In order to help educate voters for the November 8th election, Cayce City Councilwoman Tara Almond offers updates and action items by Cayce leadership on some top community issues:


Drainage has been an important issue to Cayce residents.  As a Council, we authorized a full study to determine the scope and approximate costs, held community meetings to discuss the plans, and have been actively engaged in finding money to implement the plan. You can’t receive funding until you know the scope and cost, which was just completed. 

Additionally, we are replacing water lines throughout the city.  Increased water pressure in our homes is great but the hidden jewel is that it also increases flow in our fire hydrants thus making it easier to fight fires and help keep our individual fire insurance ratings low.  This is an amazing blessing for the current and next generation!


Public Safety:

We have people out walking with animals and children and need to keep them safe.

We’ve focused on a return to “community policing” where officers are actively involved in activities in the neighborhood with children and adults.



As an example of true democracy in action, our residents and neighborhood leaders asked us to implement steps to address unsafe structures and properties and we are doing so with great early success.


Parks & Recreation:

We’ve also focused on our parks – with recent enhancements to two parks in the Avenues, Guignard Park on Knox Abbott Drive and the William J. Cayce Park on State Street, knowing what a difference that makes for livability.  


Animal Services:

Instead of having stray or lost dogs sent to the County animal control, we are utilizing our animal services staff who know where a dog belongs when he gets out of his yard. We are also looking at partners to help control the stray cat population with a possible catch/spay/release plan in the City.  Cayce is great for our two-legged and four-legged people. 



All of this makes Cayce great for current residents and businesses (which are coming in droves – see our recent news articles), and is playing an important role in recruiting new residents and keeping the next generation here.  All of this and more is done with lower taxes and lower water, sewer, and sanitation fees than our surrounding neighbors! 

I look forward to continuing to protect our City in this way and help us move forward in a way that is in keeping with our wonderful history.  

More information and Council meeting minutes may be found at http://www.cayce-sc.gov/

Watch Councilwoman Almond discuss these issues and more here:


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To raise awareness and help Midlands citizens prepare for the upcoming election, we’ve compiled sample ballots for specific locations around Richland and Lexington Counties. **NOTICE: voting district lines are obscure and can even bisect single neighborhoods, so make sure to check the SC Votes website to retrieve your 100% accurate sample ballot.

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