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Congaree Vista Guild Welcomes New Board of Directors

COLUMBIA, S.C. – February 2, 2016 – The Congaree Vista Guild, a non-profit, membership-based organization comprising a wide variety of restaurateurs, shop, business and gallery owners, as well as homeowners in Columbia’s Vista, has elected a new Board of Directors for 2016.

Hal W. Stevenson, partner of Grace Outdoor Advertising, will serve as president. Merritt McHaffie McNeely, marketing director at South Carolina State Museum, will serve as vice president. Michael Evans, general manager of Carolina International Trucks, will serve as secretary. Richard Burts, property owner and developer, will serve as treasurer. Vista Guild executive board members will each serve a one-year term.

“Our Board works to foster long-term growth and success in the Vista,” said Congaree Vista Guild Executive Director Meredith Atkinson. “We have a variety of experience and expertise on the board that will continue to improve Columbia’s arts and entertainment district, while also ensuring responsible growth and development in our neighborhood.”

Other board members include: Todd Avant, Kelly Barbrey, J. Britt, Stephen Chesley, Lea Cooper, Rosie Craig, Fred Delk, Clark Ellefson, David Erbacher, Beth Frost, Cathy Jansen, Guy Jones, Alexis Lindsay, Dale Marshall and Rick Rowe.

“I am excited to work with such a great group of board members who are passionate about the potential of the Vista,” said Stevenson. “With 3,000 new residents moving in and $700 million of new development, the Vista Guild looks forward to helping steer responsible growth. We’re excited to promote and expand our new businesses while staying focused on our legacy of being a home for arts and culture.”

The Vista has long been Columbia’s creative center, and is now the Midlands’ place to go for nightlife and entertainment. The Congaree Vista Guild board strives to encourage healthy development in the Vista, while seeing that the Vista is a vibrant symbol of progressive culture in Columbia.


For more information about the Vista Guild, visit VistaColumbia.com or contact Meredith Atkinson at (803) 269-5946 or info@VistaColumbia.com. Follow the Vista Guild on FacebookTwitter and Instagram: @VistaGuild.

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