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Community Voices: The Rollercoaster of Emotions

When I found out I was pregnant, my emotions were about as sky high as one could imagine. Discovering I was pregnant brought a plethora of positive emotions. I am a first time mom-to-be and I suspect like many first-timers, I am overly cautious about treating my body well. After all, I am nurturing two babies for entrance into this world. That’s right – babies. This first timer is expecting twins.

Upon discovering the expectancy of twins, my emotions were a combination of disbelief, shock and joy. I also continue to face the fact that yes I’ll be growing a little bit bigger than the moms of singles. Also, there is no need to tell me I’m going to gain so much weight or be so big. Please don’t state the obvious. Thanks in advance.

My emotions have never been so varied as they have now. They are nice, imbalanced mix of ecstasy, elation, nerves and more. How is one to prepare for pregnancy? There is so much information, the brain gets overloaded. Please don’t take my following words as expert advice because I am definitely no expert. I am just a mother-to-be of twins maneuvering her way through the maze of what to expect when expecting.

  1. Lean on Friends and Family
    More than ever, I am discovering the important of leaning on the support of my close knit allies. As an eldest sibling myself, I tend to want to prove myself and am often stubborn and independent. The first thing I quickly learned is not to be afraid to ask for advice from those who have been on the merry-go-round of pregnancy and motherhood. Their tips and tricks may be helpful or perhaps they won’t work. The key is to know that no woman is an island.
    Reading What to Expect When You’re Expecting is a great start, but live support from those I depend upon provide the emotional nest of support that words on a page cannot replace. So relax the reluctance and loosen up on the pride because nine months is too long to go without any help from loved ones.
  2. Sensitivity Training
    Becoming aware of my sensitivity isn’t hard at all. I’m naturally a sensitive person which has its ups and downs. However, there are many ladies who have experienced the misfortune of infertility or miscarriage. This is something that is tough for many women to get through and when a friend or coworker becomes aware of something she couldn’t attain, the pangs of the past can be brought up.
    If there is someone who has struggled with this in your personal circle, be aware of how you may come across. It can be difficult especially when the excitement of your growing loved one – or ones – beams you up with ecstasy. If ever unsure of how to act around them, there are resources to turn to. If you are comfortable with the other person, you may offer them some hope through Resolve, a national organization dedicated to supporting women and men through infertility. There are also ways to search for support groups in your area.
  3. Bump-tastic
    I’m amazed at how my body confidence has soared through pregnancy. I’ve tended to always struggle with confidence regarding my body but now I’m wanting people to notice my precious bump. This may be the only time where I want my belly to protrude! Did I lie about my pregnancy weight when I had to renew my license recently? Well, yes but 10 years is awhile and let’s just say my license is motivation for losing that post-pregnancy weight. However, I digress.
    Every lady’s body changes during pregnancy. At the same time, every lady’s body is different. Some women show early while others don’t pop until close to the final trimester. Some women gain the minimal amount of weight while others gain the maximum and then some.
    As long as mama and baby are healthy – and that’s to be determined by a licensed doctor – the amount of weight gained is personal. The last thing a future mother needs grief over is whether the general public thinks she is too small or too big. So rock that bump and ignore the abrasive comments people enjoy pouring in. I, along with other future mamas, are nurturing a future generation of movers, shakers and thinkers.
  4. Finally, Don’t Google the symptoms
    Asking Google can oftentimes do more harm than good. Trust me, hardly anything good comes from asking Google about many weird pregnancy symptoms. Ask the doctor or nurse. That’s what he or she is there for and that’s what they are paid to do. Google brings up more questions and anxieties that isn’t worth the stress or anxiety.  Step away from the smartphone and just call the doctor.


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