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Columbia Native Publishes Children’s Book To Prepare Kids For Air Travel

(Columbia, SC)– A new children’s book has just hit the market and it’s already taking flight.  Zoey’s First Plane Ride, written by airport marketing consultant Kaela Harmon, was created to give children a guide for their first trip through an airport.

Beginning with Zoey’s last-minute packing, the book follows the young girl and her parents through each phase of the airport experience. From check-in at the kiosk and going through security, to checking the FIDS and boarding the plane, to collecting luggage in baggage claim, Zoey learns the key steps that are a part of navigating an airport.

Harmon, a Columbia native, is an airport marketing and public relations consultant for aviation focused consulting firm called Sixel Consulting Group. Previously, she spent four years as the Public Relations and Governmental Affairs Manager for the Columbia Metropolitan Airport.  She says that she never set out to be a children’s book author but, after working in aviation for the past five years, it became clear to her that airport marketing was her calling and she wanted to give airports their proper place in the imagination of children.

“Once I was hit with the inspiration for this project, my first step was to research what was already available to kids.  What I found is that most children’s books about aviation feature airplanes and fighter jets.  Just like in real life, airports are largely overlooked or an afterthought.  So, my instinct to tell the airport’s story kicked in and I was compelled to do what I could to fill that gap.”

Several dozen copies of the book have already been sold and shared with children across the nation from Washington state, to New Jersey and, of course, right here at home in the Midlands; all of which helps draw attention to our own local airport.  Ultimately, however, Harmon hopes that kids and their parents enjoy the book and find it helpful in preparing for wherever their travels may take them.
“I’ve really come to love airports,” she says. “So, if just one kid comes away from reading my book feeling excited about and prepared for their first plane trip, then I’ll count this whole endeavor as a success.”
Zoey’s First Plane Ride is available in paperback and in digital format for kindle.  The book can be purchased on Amazon at:

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