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Columbia Heart Introduces Micra; a Miniaturized, Wireless, and Leadless Pacing System

Columbia, SC – Columbia Heart Clinic is proud to introduce Micra, a miniaturized, wireless pacing system poised to revolutionize the field of cardiology. Dr. Robert Mazzei recently completed one of the first Micra implementations in South Carolina on Wednesday, March 14, 2017 at Palmetto Richland Hospital.

Three million Americans currently have pacemakers and as the population ages, that number is expected to skyrocket. While traditional pacemakers have proven an effective treatment for a number of cardiac conditions, complications related to the pacemaker generation and leads used to conduct the electrical impulse inside the heart are not uncommon. The Micra leadless pacing system is a miniature, self contained pacemaker that can be delivered inside the heart through a small catheter and eliminate the need for wires or an independent battery placed under the skin in the chest wall. The world’s smallest pacemaker has an astounding 12 years of battery life and is MRI compatible.

 “We have entered a new era in pacemaker technology with respect to longevity, durability and safety. We are proud to bring this exciting new technology to patients in South Carolina,” said Dr. Robert Mazzei, the director of the electrophysiology department at Columbia Heart.

For more information, please visit our website at www.colaheart.com or contact Columbia Heart at 803-256-6511 and schedule a consultation today.

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