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Colonial Life CEO Tim Arnold Donates $75,000 to EdVenture Children’s Museum

Colonial Life CEO Tim Arnold believes giving back to the community is not only the right thing to do, but also good for his company in the long run.

Arnold presented a $75,000 donation from Colonial Life to EdVenture Children’s Museum Wednesday. The money will be used to fund the museum’s BeABoss Youth Summit for 2017-2019 and to support three EdVenture youth leadership programs: Future Leaders, the Museum Apprentice Program and the BioInvestigators Program.

“We’ve been in conversation about how we can promote education more effectively throughout the city, and obviously the EdVenture Museum is all about education,” Arnold said. “We’re looking forward to helping kids in the community improve their leadership skills as well.”

The BeABoss Youth Summit, free for all participants thanks to the donation, is designed to empower middle school students by teaming them up with community leaders to make plans for future success. The 2017 event will feature celebrity Chef Jeff Henderson of Flip My Food.

“While most people know us for the museum,” said Karen Coltrane, EdVenture president and CEO, “Many are not aware of all the programs we offer for older children both inside and outside of the building. So we are especially grateful that Colonial Life saw the impact we are making, and offered to partner with us to reach even more children.”

Arnold said Colonial Life has been associated with EdVenture since the museum first opened, and will remain committed to helping promote education in the community.

Asked why he and the other leaders of Colonial Life choose to give to EdVenture and other nonprofits, Arnold said the answer was threefold.

First of all, it’s the right thing to do, period,” he said. “Second, we believe education is one of the greatest opportunities in our community today and in the state and really in the country. And then selfishly, we want to have an educated workforce.”

Arnold said Colonial Life has around 1,200 in the Midlands and about 10,000 people across the country. “We certainly want to continue to promote education because it’s the right thing to do and because we know that the future contributors at Colonial Life are going to be part of today’s student population,” he said.

“The leadership at Colonial Life believes deeply in supporting organizations that benefit and educate our children, and this is another example of that support,” said Mary Wagnon, an assistant vice president at Colonial Life and member of the EdVenture board of directors.

More information on the programs offered by EdVenture is available here.

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