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Clean Energy Professionals Talk Energy Storage at Flex Columbia

Last Thursday, the South Carolina Clean Energy Business Alliance (SCCEBA), hosted an Energy Storage Business Roundtable at the Flex facility in West Columbia.

Nearly 70 clean energy industry leaders convened to discuss advances and opportunities in energy storage technology and markets with highlights of how energy storage is becoming an increasingly important element in electricity/energy systems because they can improve cost savings, shave peak demand, increase use of renewable power, and aid in the optimal use of grid assets. SCCEBA hosted the Roundtable in partnership with Flex, ABB, Nelson Mullins, and Shealy Electrical Wholesalers/Border States.

Dr. Ron DiFelice, from Energy Intelligence Partners, gave a market overview on energy storage and spoke about how 90% of energy storage is now used by utilities but that is sure to change in the next 2 to 5 years with advancements in energy storage.  He stated that only 25% of electricity is currently cycled through storage, which allows for significant growth and market opportunities.

Marty Wilson, General Manager of Flex Columbia explained its role in the energy storage market—manufacturing the 20’ to 40’ metal boxes that hold energy storage equipment now and working to also place the racking systems that hold the batteries in place within the energy storage boxes.

Jim Woods, Southeast Regional Manager of Clean Energy Product at Shealy Electrical Wholesalers/Border States and Weston Adams, a Partner at Nelson Mullins Law Firm and Co-Chair of the Nelson Mullins Energy Group moderated a panel discussion of industry experts from the Flex Energy Group, ABB, Alevo, Duke Energy, SCANA, and Southern Current.

“Battery energy storage has finally moved from an over-hyped solution to renewables integration to a cost-effective strategy to create benefits both behind the meter for power quality improvements and demand charge reductions, as well as in utility deployments for distribution system efficiency resulting in rate payer savings,” said Weston Adams, Partner at Nelson Mullins Law Firm and SCCEBA Board Member.

Benjamin Lowe, Director of Policy and Market Development, Alevo USA, Inc. said, “Energy storage technology promises to make electric grids more resilient, flexible and cost-effective.”

“Energy Storage is the missing piece we’ve needed to advance the Smart Grid,” said Jim Woods.  “We’ve all seen the tremendous growth in solar, and I believe energy storage will be bigger than solar.”

SCCEBA’s next Business Roundtable will be on C-PACE and will be held on August 3, 2017 at the Agape Conference Center on Main Street in Columbia.  It is a free event and registration is currently open.  Visit scceba.org for more information.

SCCEBA is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization that has been tasked with building a broad-based business alliance that fosters the development of a clean energy industry in S.C. SCCEBA is a cooperative enterprise for clean energy supply chain development in S.C.

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