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City of Cayce Reveals New Brand, Makes Time For Life

Yesterday morning, Cayce residents experienced the unveiling of the new city branding while attending a surprise press conference and ceremony at Cayce City Hall. Mayor Elise Partin, together with council members, announced the rebrand through a video, which encompassed ‘all things Cayce’.

In the Mayor’s statement, she explains that neighborhood groups, creative partners city council members, city staff, community leaders, business owners and many residents were surveyed and met with to determine how Cayce is perceived, and what visual messaging should be used moving forward. Several hundred residents were also solicited with rebranding surveys.

“Cayce is born out of the banks of the Congaree River, and it’s the only city in the Midlands to have 12,000 years of continuous habitation. We’re home to thriving businesses large and small. And a population of about 13,000. The feedback received was overwhelmingly that Cayce has such an amazing quality of life, which allows more time for life. There’s more time to be at home because work is so close. There’s more time to play because our parks are 12 miles of riverwalk and our river accesses are so amazing. There’s more time to be with your family and enjoy our small town in the middle of this bustling region.”

Underscoring the community involvement and talents within the city, the leaders decided to utilize local resources and creative professionals for the campaign.

Mayor Elise Partin reiterated the sentiment: “We have a lot to be proud of here, including that we are now the first city to utilize the synergy of its residents and their creative abilities to do a complete community rebrand based on what is uniquely Cayce.”

Individuals consulted during the rebrand included Joe Long of Black Barn Designs, Tracie Broom of Flock and Rally, Tia Williams of Midlands Anchor, Will Bryan of Will Bryan Designs, Alana Jordan of Big Eyed Bird and Ashley Hunter of MPA Strategies.

When asked about how the rebrand factors into comprehensive objectives of the city’s vision plan, Mayor Partin notes, “for businesses, because we have such a stable population, it’s a great place for a business to come because you know you can count on residents and the growing nature of our city.” That stability is iterated throughout the branding theme, which city leaders plan to continue leveraging as Cayce develops.

Watch the entire press conference here:


Katherine Arata contributed to this story

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