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City of Cayce Keeps Rebranding Campaign Local

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The City of Cayce’s efforts to rebrand the City, their marketing materials, logos and other collateral is officially underway. The 2017 Rebranding Campaign for the City of Cayce will incorporate input from elected officials, citizens, neighborhood leaders, city committees, community leaders, business leaders and various creative partners.

Cayce is one of the first to utilize the synergy of its residents – and the many professional marketing experts who are residents – to work hand-in-hand with the City to develop the new brand and convey what is uniquely Cayce. Typically, a City would hire an outside firm; but Cayce has decided that keeping it local is key.

Mayor Elise Partin stated, “Cayce has so many creative, talented and passionate residents who love our City. Who better to help us market all that Cayce is and has to offer!”

The City is asking residents to begin by filling out a brief survey on their website. This can be returned to the front desk at City Hall or fill it out on our website by February 6th. The City plans to unveil the new brand in early April. 

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