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City of Cayce Honors Local Leaders

The City of Cayce City Council Members, Mayor Elise Partin, City Manager, Rebecca Vance, and additional City staff visited the South Carolina Statehouse yesterday as Governor Nikki Haley proclaimed May 14th as the City of Cayce Day in South Carolina.

Mayor Partin honored State Senator Nikki Setzler (D – Lexington Co.) and State Representative Kenny Bingham (R –  Lexington Co.) during a ceremony yesterday morning on Statehouse grounds in Columbia. Afterwards, Senator Setzler and Representative Bingham introduced each of the City of Cayce officials in their respective House and Senate galleries and honored them with the reading of a Concurrent Resolution that touted many of the accomplishments of the City of Cayce.

“Sharing all the good news about the City of Cayce with our state legislators was an honor.  Representative Bingham and Senator Setzler are always great champions of our City and we were thrilled to recognize them and give them the Lifetime Achievement Award,” exclaimed Mayor Elise Partin.

The City will celebrate its 100th year with a weekend-long celebration September 5th – 7th.

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