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City of Cayce celebrates unique identity with Soiree on State

This weekend, the city of Cayce welcomes residents and visitors to come together for a celebration of the unique Midlands town as they host Soiree on State, an art and music event in downtown Cayce.

The free event will take place from 5:30 to 9 p.m. Saturday, June 17, on State Street, between Poplar Street and Railroad Avenue. The event will feature food and drinks, including alcoholic beverages, but is also family-friendly, with a free kids area.  Guests are also allowed to bring leashed dogs to the event.

Soiree on State will feature three live bands—jazz by the Amos Huffman Trio, beach music by Sweet Soul Music, and rock and roll covers by the Capital City Playboys.  Guests are encouraged to show off their shag moves on the dance floor.

Over twenty vendor tables will be set up, including those selling locally made foods, jewelry, photography, and art.

According to Cayce’s city manager, Rebecca Vance, Soiree on State is just the kind of event the city has needed for a long time.  “We’ve always wanted to do a spring event…it’s really a celebration of who we are,” explained Vance.  “We don’t yet if it’s going to be an annual thing, but we would like for it to be.”

Soiree on State coincides with the city of Cayce’s recent rebranding under their new motto, “Time for Life.”

“The idea behind ‘Time for Life’ is because where we are located, we are so close to everything that you have more time to enjoy what you’re doing and still get home early,” said Vance.  “We encourage people to go to the river, spend time with their family, enjoy the history and recreation here in Cayce.  We want everyone to think of Cayce as a great place to live, and we’d like to recruit more young families and young people to come here.”

This Saturday’s event is designed to showcase what Vance calls the “quality of life” establishments in Cayce, such as local restaurants, and also highlight the local art and social culture of the town.  “Because of the music and all the different vendors, this should appeal to anyone,” Vance commented.  “It’s free, and the location is perfect for people who live in downtown Columbia or people in Lexington.  We are just right across the bridge.”

Cayce residents enjoy living in quiet neighborhoods in a closely knit, friendly environment.  The town has a population just over 14,200.  “It’s a small town where people care about each other and really know each other.  There’s a real sense of community in Cayce,” said Vance. “Businesses here take pride in customer service and dealing with people….When there’s a storm, we know where all the shut-ins are, and can bring milk and bread to people.”

In spite of the city’s small population, it also sits in close proximity to downtown Columbia, just a few miles from the University of South Carolina.  “We may be a small town, but we have all the big city services and amenities, and we’re still close to everything,” said Vance.  “But it’s a different feel—you can cross the river and feel the difference when you arrive in Cayce.  We’re just a different kind of city than Columbia or even Lexington.”

Soiree on State will happen rain or shine, featuring a covered stage and several vendors with tents.  The city encourages people to come enjoy the event.

“We are so excited for the first annual Soiree on State,” Elise Partin, the mayor of Cayce, said in a recent statement.  “It’s a great opportunity for local artists, restaurants, bands, and residents to come together and celebrate their hometown.”

Vance said she is most excited to help build an event that will capture the essence of life in Cayce.  “This is our way to highlight all of the local artists and the great work they do,” she said.  “We are all about awareness and bringing attention to the city, and telling our story to people who don’t know a lot about Cayce already.”

Below is the schedule of bands for Soiree on State.  Following the event, Henry’s of Cayce will host an afterparty.


5:30 p.m. – Amos Huffman Trio (jazz)

6:30 p.m. – Sweet Soul Music (beach and shag)

7:30 p.m. – Father’s Day prize drawing by Mayor Elise Partin

7:40 p.m. – Capital City Playboys (rock covers)


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