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The City of Columbia and Columbia Water will host free workshops for City of Columbia residents.  Attendees will receive a free rain barrel. Park Rangers will demonstrate how to put together and install your rain barrel. Afterwards, you get to take your very own rain barrel home.

Workshops will be held the third Saturday of each month in 2017 until 1,000 barrels have been given away.  Workshops begin at 9 a.m.10 a.m. and 11 a.m., on and registration is required before attending. The workshops will take place at Riverfront Park on October 21 and Greenview Park on November 18. Times and locations after November will be announced soon.

 The City of Columbia hopes to educate residents how to save money on water bills by using rainwater instead of treated water to irrigate gardens. This helps protect our rivers, creeks, and streams by reducing runoff and preventing pollution.

Registration is required to attend the workshops. Residents of Columbia can register at www.bluethumbrainbarrel.com.

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