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Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin and the City of Columbia will host Columbia City Serve Oct. 1-31.

“We are so excited to re-launch City Serve in October,” said Mayor Benjamin. “It’ll be a month-long opportunity for residents to get involved in our city in a truly meaningful and impactful way.”

In an effort to unite organizations and volunteers of all ages and backgrounds, City Serve is a collaborative effort that builds upon the City of Columbia’s rich tradition of community service and leadership. To directly affect those in need of help, City Serve will focus primarily on five core areas: Health, Hunger, Home Improvement, Beautification and Education.

From the City Serve website (ColumbiaCityServe.com), non-profit organizations, government entities, faith-based organization and neighborhood associations have the opportunity to both submit projects to be included in this year’s City Serve initiative and sign up volunteer groups. Residents of the city may also register to volunteer individually or in groups.

Projects should fall into one or more of the above categories: Health, Hunger, Home Improvement, Beautification and Education. Some good examples are donation drives, opportunities to plant flower gardens, repairing homes, helping with senior access and opportunities to read with children.

All project proposals are due by Aug. 31.

Traditionally held during one week, City Serve will be held throughout the entire month of October to better benefit those in need and to give prospective volunteers ample time to get involved.

Additional questions regarding City Serve may be answered at cityserve@columbiasc.net.

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