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ChamberBuzz: On the Roads Again


House amends Senate roads bill, State Chamber applauds progress… The #SCRoadsDebate continued on the House floor Wednesday as members voted to amend H.3579. The measure passed 113-6, sending the bill back to the Senate, which will decide whether to uphold the House proposal or convene a House-Senate panel to reach a compromise between the two.

Chamber President Ted Pitts released this statement following the House vote:

“The business community appreciates the work Speaker Lucas and the House have done over the last two years to reform DOT and to address our state’s long term infrastructure funding needs…As this legislation moves back to the Senate, we are reminded that there is still time to adopt a measure that provides at least $600 million in additional, sustainable revenue along with the reforms to the DOT and STIB this year.”

ICYMI: Why are we still talking about this asks Ed Board? Senator Brights’s bill, S. 1203, was heard before the General Subcommittee this week. The Greenville News Editorial board penned an editorial Bathroom bill is bad idea with Chamber President, Ted Pitts, stating unequivocally that this bill will be bad for South Carolina business if it even gets out of Committee…

“What it could do is cause very real damage to South Carolina’s economy and its image. Ted Pitts, president and CEO of the state Chamber of Commerce, speaking with reporters and editors of The Greenville News on Wednesday said even if the bill simply makes it out of committee there could be damage to the South Carolina economy.”

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Statehouse Update: S.1203, Senator Lee Bright’s job-killing bill, was heard before the General Subcommittee this week. The Chamber’s position remains that this legislation is unnecessary, distracting and would negatively impact South Carolina’s economy.

In tort reform news, S.281, the Transparency in Private Attorney Contracts Act, was referred back to subcommittee after being deadlocked in Judiciary for over a month.

Bills on our radar:

H.5109 – South Carolina Business License Tax Standardization Act
Summary: This bill aims to streamline the process for obtaining a business license within South Carolina cities and towns

Chamber Position: Actively pursuing amendments to improve the legislation

STATUS UPDATE: Now currently residing in House LCI Committee

H.4967 – Business License Compliance Reform Act
Summary: This bill simplifies and reforms the business license tax process

Chamber Position: Actively pursuing amendments to improve the legislation

STATUS UPDATE: Now currently residing in House LCI Committee

*Business Licensing Reform is a top priority for the Chamber as detailed in our 2016 Competitiveness Agenda

H.4717 – S.C. Farm Aid Fund
Summary: This bill allows farmers with total crop losses of 40% or greater from the flood to be eligible for a limited state grant.

Chamber Position: Support; Scoring vote for Legislative Scorecard

STATUS UPDATE: Senate floor deliberations are ongoing

H.3147 –  Military Retirement Income Tax Exemption
Summary: This bill seeks to eliminate income tax on military retirement income in South Carolina

Chamber PositionSupport; Scoring vote for Legislative Scorecard

STATUS: Passed out of Senate Finance Committee favorably as amended


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