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Cayce Issues Update in Matthew Aftermath

The City of Cayce issued the following updates in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew:


  • City Offices will be Open and operating at normal hours starting Monday morning.
  • City trash and recyclables will be picked up according to normal hours this week. Please note that our City staff has been working around the clock and will pick up debris as quickly as possible!
  • City Parks will reopen tomorrow; this includes Cayce Riverwalk Park and Timmerman Trail. (Phase 2 of the Riverwalk is still under construction. Guignard Park is still expected to have their grand re-opening on October 15th.)


A special thank you to our Parks and Sanitation Departments and other City staff that spent so much time over the last few days to make sure our City and our citizens were as prepared and as safe as possible.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who suffered devastating loss during Hurricane Matthew. 


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