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Cayce Hot Spots: Small City’s Popularity Brings New Food and Entertainment Options

This is the second in a Midlands Anchor series examining the City of Cayce: past, present, and future. Part one is available here.

In a town of only about 12,000 in the bustling Midlands, some might assume that when looking for something to do in Cayce, the best thing to do would be head to Columbia. That assumption would be wrong, as the town just across the Congaree River has plenty to offer, with more arriving often. A look at just a few of the popular spots in town, both established and fast-rising, follows.

Cayce Historical Museum

Cayce has a long and rich history, and a museum to make that past accessible to present residents and visitors. “Most cities don’t have their own museum, especially cities our size,” said Mayor Elise Partin. The Cayce museum building is a replica of a trading post built in 1765, and chronicles the history of the Midlands since thousands of years ago.

Tony’s Pizzalicious

It is not enshrined in the museum (yet), but Tony’s Pizzalicious qualifies as a Cayce institution. Serving up pizza and other dishes and helping the community at every opportunity, Tony’s has produced loyal customers for decades. In the wake of the devastating floods in October 2015, Tony’s delivered pizzas and water to local law enforcement, first responders, and hospitals at no charge, without being asked. “Everyone is so nice and the servers always put a smile on my face,” customer Paige Starnes said.

Caribbean Soul Grill

One of Cayce’s newest hot spots offers food that is anything but average. Caribbean Soul Grill opened its doors this year, and dishes like steamed fish, crab legs, lamb chops, and fried plantains have attracted residents and out-of-towners alike. Customer Felicia Hopkins said the new restaurant is a “Great place to wind down and enjoy awesome authentic Jamaican Food. Yes right here in Cayce!”

TNT Martial Arts and Fitness

Another newcomer to town, TNT Martial Arts and Fitness caters to those who simply want a good workout as well as those interested in learning martial arts. Instructors like Tim Goodwin, who also serves as coach for USC’s wrestling club team and participates in martial arts competitions, are ready to help beginners, experts, and anyone in between. When you train at TNT you will build the confidence you need to get motivated about becoming a better version of yourself,” said customer Dale Addy. “Getting in shape takes hard work and is not easy to do on your own slaving away in a traditional gym. Having a team to grind it out there with you may be that extra push you need.”

AMF Park Lanes

For those interested in less physically intense competition, AMF Park Lanes offers bowling fun whether you’re looking for a league, a family outing, a birthday party, or just a night out with friends. The Axtell Drive spot has summer specials available. “The staff treated us well, the pizza was hot and the beverages cold,” said customer Danny Norris. What more could a bowler ask for?

Pictured: The staff of TNT Martial Arts and Fitness show off their muscles at Riiverwalk (photo provided)


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