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Cayce Fire Hydrant Improvements

The City of Cayce Department of Public Safety and the Department of Utilities are improving fire hydrants throughout the city. All new fire hydrants in the future including new developments will see a new device on the large discharge port of the hydrant called a Storz connection.

The Storz connection is a coupling device that neither has male or female ends connected by screw threads, but interlocking flanges with identical ends so that either end will join the other. All large diameter hose (LDH) on Cayce’s fire apparatus have Storz connections on both ends to allow easy and rapid connections between the hydrant and pump. Prior to the new type of fire hydrants, firefighters had to thread on a special device on the fire hydrant to connect the large diameter hose. With the new type of fire hydrant, this will eliminate a step in connecting the hose to the fire hydrant which will save time during an emergency.

This is not a new concept with Storz fire hydrants. Fire departments in the western states have been using the Storz fire hydrants for many years. It has only been in the last couple of years that fire departments such as Charlotte, NC, Mount Pleasant and Newberry, South Carolina have started using the Storz fire hydrants.

(Picture) Kneeling down next to one of Cayce’s new Storz Fire Hydrant is Fire Marshal Terry Mueller (Left) and Deputy Fire Marshal Steve Bullard (right).

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