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Cardless ATMs arrive in Midlands

Some ATMs in the Midlands no longer require you to use your debit or credit card.

At the Google Innovate in the Open Conference last month, Bank of America unveiled its new Cardless ATM technology and announced plans to deliver 5,000 of these ATMs by the end of 2016. In front of a packed crowd of developers. Michelle Moore, head of digital banking for BofA, demonstrated how these ATMs enable customers to use their smartphones – instead of debit card – to quickly and securely access their accounts.

“We’re committed to making clients’ financial lives simple, easy and secure,” Moore said. By the end of May, more than 2,400 new ATMs had already been delivered and were operating in markets across the country. This initial rollout included 20 ATMs that came to South Carolina – with 6 located in the Midlands.

How it worksThe adoption of Cardless ATMs is another example of the ongoing shift to more mobile commerce and BofA is the 1st bank to bring a broad rollout of this new ATM technology to market. BofA is leading the way in adapting and incorporating mobile technology to better meet their customers’ needs and improve their banking experience.

  • 20 million customers now actively use BofA’s mobile banking app
  • During the first quarter of 2016, the number of new BofA accounts opened through mobile devices increased by 50%

Instructions for adding your BofA debit card to your smartphone’s digital wallet are available here. A list of cardless ATMs in the Midlands follows.


  • 2230 Decker Blvd.
  • 293 Greystone Blvd.
  • 3900B N. Main St.
  • 919 Sumter St.

West Columbia

  • 2349 Augusta Rd.


  • 2453 Charleston Hwy.


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