"Better Conversations, Better Cities"

Manning, Jim (Incumbent)

Candidate Details

Running For: Richland County Council District 8
County: Richland
Political Party: Democratic

Website: http://www.vote4manning.com/

Campaign Slogan: Someone We Can Count On


Question 1: The state of our infrastructure is an important issue to the citizens of the Midlands. How will you address deteriorating infrastructure on both a short and long-term basis?

Fortunately, the citizens of Richland County passed the Transportation Penny referendum in 2012 to boldly lead the way in addressing the majority of the County’s deteriorating infrastructure needs. This is of particular importance in the Northeast area in the Clemson / Hardscrabble Road epicenter exasperated by the rapid growth demands created by people desiring to live in this part of the Midlands.

Question 2: Where Do You Stand On Guns, Gun Rights, And The Second Amendment?

Upon taking the Oath of Office, a Councilmember swears to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the State of South Carolina. Those two levels of government have the authority with regard to these issues. I am, and will continue to be a law abiding citizen, respecting the integrity and accountability of the Oath.

Question 3: The Midlands boasts some of the top public schools in South Carolina. However, there is great variance in achievement in local public schools as a whole. What do you believe the role of government should be in resource allocation within local districts?

I believe that the locally elected School Board of Commissioners should have financial autonomy.

Question 4: Please share five things you would do to support new business formation and the development of high growth companies (other than recruitment). If you believe the public holds some other primary responsibility in regional economic development (or none at all), please explain.

Unfortunately, SC has traditionally equated economic development with recruiting manufacturing and, until the state changes the way counties are funded, recruiting new industrial base will have to be part of the equation. I will:
1. Help educate people to the State’s traditional approach versus pursuing more non-traditional approaches.
2. Encourage and facilitate the incubation of new firms.
3. Find mechanisms to foster small companies in a growth mode.
4. Find creative ways to finance high-growth companies or business corridors.
5. Develop stronger relationships with local educational institutions and large industry to encourage technology transfer leading to start-up activities.

Question 5: What do you believe are the top three strengths of your district and how do you plan to protect or expand those strengths through your position?

1. Decker Boulevard was designated Richland County’s International Corridor and one major new asset is the County’s Law and Order complex in the old Kroger mall. I will protect and expand on this strength utilizing Hospitality Tax funds to support events in this area.
2. Neighborhood Redevelopment Plans were developed and implemented to revitalize the Candlewood and Greater Woodfield neighborhoods. I will work to insure that available funding is utilized to fulfill the plans.
3. Sesquicentennial State Park is a precious asset that strengthens the District. To protect this gem, I will with the Richland County Conservation Commission to continue joint inter-government projects.

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