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Building Officials Association of SC joins the Municipal Association of SC

The Building Officials Association of SC has become the Municipal Association’s 12th affiliate organization. BOASC represents building officials and inspectors all over the state.

“The Building Officials Association is excited about the many business advantages that partnering with the Municipal Association will bring,” said BOASC President Buddy Skinner. “We are also encouraged to share with the Municipal Association a wealth of building knowledge and a new perspective about our industry.”

The state’s 270 cities and towns make up the Municipal Association which provides elected officials and city staff with specialized training and continuing education on topics ranging from budgeting and running meetings to leadership and downtown development. The Building Officials Association joins 11 other affiliates at the Municipal Association.

The Municipal Association will provide a variety of services to BOASC under an affiliate agreement. As with its other affiliates, the Municipal Association will coordinate BOASC’s meetings, promote membership in the group, and provide training and professional staff support.

“Bringing BOASC on board is just another example of how cities and towns can work together to improve the training and professional development offered to city employees,” says Municipal Association Executive Director Miriam Hair.

One of BOASC’s first projects with the Association will be to develop model administrative policies and procedures that cities and counties can adopt as part of their building codes ordinance. BOASC and the Association will work to raise awareness of building officials’ roles in public safety. And BOASC plans to increase the number of training opportunities it offers to its members.

“Through the Municipal Association’s tried-and-true methods of marketing, training and planning, we hope to achieve our ultimate goal of increasing the awareness of the building official’s role and promoting a more safely built environment for all,” said Skinner, who is also the City of Greenville’s building codes administrator.

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