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Artist, inspired by grandfather, creates iconic eclipse piece

Artist and sculptor Stephen Chesley was inspired to create an iconic work to commemorate the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse. In addition to the natural phenomena, his inspiration was his grandfather.

Stephen Chesley’s grandfather, Frank Chesley, photographed the Great Main Eclipse in 1932.

“His name was Frank Chesley and he photographed the Great Main Eclipse of 1932. I found his negatives many years later,” said Chesley, of Vista Studios.

Chesley’s artistic tribute to the coming eclipse is a very limited edition print. He hand-made the lithograph plate and inked it heavily with Phalo blue. “The brush strokes are not controlled – as nature is beyond our control, so they are intentionally without pattern.”

The exclusivity of the 20 prints Chesley pulled from the plate he made will be enhanced by a date he will add below his signature.

“I will be in Congaree National Park on Monday, and I will date these 8-21-2017 just as the eclipse passes over us.”

Chesley’s iconic print, along with original works by other Vista Studio artists created especially for the Total Solar Eclipse, are part of a late summer show at 808 Lady Street, on view through the weekend.

Frank Chesley’s vintage photograph

Featured photo: Stephen Chesley’s new tribute to the 2017 eclipse



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