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Apply to Be Richland Library’s Next Artist-in-Residence

Richland Library is thrilled to announce we’re taking applications for fall 2018, spring 2019 and summer 2019 artist-in-residence positions.

If you, or someone you know, is an artist, please consider this unique opportunity. The library is looking for artists, spanning all mediums:

  • traditional/fine art
  • performance
  • installation
  • sculpture
  • filmmaking
  • musical
  • mixed media

Initially developed in September 2016, the concept behind Richland Library’s artist-in-residence is to connect the community with local, working artists and to provide creative and educational opportunities to local residents in a way that supports cultural and artistic exchange.

Hear from our past artists-in-residence about their time at the library by visiting here: http://www.richlandlibrary.com/inform/artist-residence-applications-are-open

If you’re interested in becoming an artist-in-residence, please fill out an application here: http://www.richlandlibrary.com/artist-residence-application

The deadline to apply is midnight, Sunday, July 15.

Do you have questions? Please contact Richland Library Arts Librarian Ashley Warthen at awarthen@richlandlibrary.com.

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