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Amplify: A Plan for Strengthening Culture in Columbia


The City of Columbia Planning & Development Services Department invited the public to attend a public announcement and launch of the start of a cultural planning process titled Amplify: A Cultural Plan for the Columbia Area. The planning process represents a partnership between One Columbia and the City of Columbia in order to update the Cultural Element of the City’s Comprehensive Plan.The launch was announced during a press conference on the steps of the Township Auditorium on Taylor Street on Monday, January 29, 2018, the launch was also a part of Midlands Regional Competitiveness Week. Speakers included Mayor Steve Benjamin, Councilman Sam Davis, Artist Terrance Henderson, and City of Columbia Poet Laureate Ed Madden.

Amplify is the name given to a 12-18 month planning process and as the name implies, the planning process will highlight existing arts, cultural and heritage resources of Columbia and recommend ways to strengthen these valuable assets in our community. Amplify is being managed by One Columbia for Arts and History in tandem with the City of Columbia Planning Department’s Comprehensive Plan. This parallel process will discover opportunities for alignment between arts and other civic priorities.

Councilman Sam Davis said, “I’m honored to be serving on this committee because it’s all about bringing everything together. We know that the arts have been a factor, its participants and the people who enjoy the end product is what makes Columbia great. I’m an artist and I’ve learned to have a deep-seated respect for organizations and people who work hard to support and help artists in their efforts.”

“We have one of the most incredible and talented artistic communities in the entire country right here in Columbia, South Carolina,” said Mayor Steve Benjamin. “I’m so thankful for the City of Columbia, Mr. Davis and to all of our colleagues that have partnered with One Columbia to make Amplify something special to help direct a cultural path of this City.”



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