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Alzheimer’s Association hosts “The Longest Day”

There are an estimated 47 million people worldwide living with dementia/Alzheimer’s today–a disease that currently has no cure.

Wednesday, June 21st may be the summer solstice to some, but for the Alzheimer’s Association, it is also known as theLongest Day. The Longest Day is a day full of events to benefit not only the 47 million people with this disease, but also their 15.9 million caregivers. It is a day to raise awareness, funds, and support in hope to one day find the cure for Alzheimer’s.

“The Longest Day is actually a team event where teams across the state are planning their own fundraisers and awareness events to raise awareness and money for the Alzheimer’s Association. We’re just trying to build this fun event each year,” explained Alexis Watts, the Midlands region Director of Development for the Alzheimers Association.

To find out more about The Longest Day and how you can help, visit the Alzheimers Association’s website: act.al.org

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