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A Special Word from our Editor

Dear Midlands Anchor followers and subscribers,

You may have noticed our team has been a little quiet on the newsletter front for the past couple of weeks. While we have remained busy cranking out regionally relevant content, we have decided to take a little time to focus on what we do best and how to best serve you. In order to do that, as well as in an effort to prepare for some other exciting rollouts in the upcoming months, we will be scaling back our newsletter publishing frequency and opting to keep you connected through other mediums.

What you can expect from us:


We sincerely hope you’ll continue to stay engaged with us as we move closer towards our community mission. As a small but nimble publication, we’re excited to grow with you along with our burgeoning region.

Thank you for your constant support and love for our hometown!


Kindest Regards,

Tia Williams

Founder/ Editor

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