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6th Annual Rosewood Art & Music Festival

This fall we are hosting the 6th annualRosewood Art & Music Festival on Saturday, September 10th, 2016, 10am-10pm

Rosewood Art & Music Festival is a non-profit, one-day, free admittance, outdoor festival where thousands of visitors descend into the Rosewood Neighborhood to enjoy multiple stages of live entertainment, visual artists, fine crafters, performing arts, authors, poets and more to celebrate southern art & culture.


The Stages and lineups are as follows:


10am Blue Iguanas

12:00 Daddy Lion

2:00 Reggie Sullivan

4:00 Stillhouse

6:00 The Dirty Gone Dolas

8:00 Art Contest



11am The Dubber

1:00 Sheem One

3:00 She Returns From War

5:00 Those Lavender Whales

7:00 Infinitikiss

9:00 Wallstreet & the Blues Brokers featuring Rev/ Marv Ward


See exciting and authentic works of art, many created live by visual artists & fine crafters from North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

Sabrina White, Mary Lou Price, elizabeth b. CERAMICS, Simon Graham, Mary Kunze, Jason Freeman, CJ Martin-Marchese, Courtney Kolker, Janice Haynes, Ryan McEwen, Donna Kerlin, Ty Davis, Michael Geddings, Cait Maloney, Lindsay Wiggins, Ginny Merett, Fairoozan Abdalla, McRose Designs, Christine Lufty, Amy L. Alley, Vi Horton, Susan H. Johnson, Cameron White, Johnny Frick, Andrew Sheppard, David W. Boykin, Bee’s Knees Art By Amanda, Laurie Canter, Jellykoe, That Godzilla Guy, Hippy Do-Da Creations, Janet Place, Sacred Spirit Designs, Forrest’s Art Studio, Root Ware, Pistil Shrimp, Abstract Alexandra, Arthur Turfa, Stephanie Suell, Worthy Evans, John Stroman, Franklin Scott Arts


Performances by On Stage Productions, Dancer Melissa Raynor, Violinist Caroline Felder and more.

We invite you to join us in a celebration of Southern Arts! Visit RosewoodFestival.com

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